At A1 demo we specialise in bulk excavations, site preparation, detailed footing and foundation works and redemption works. Our staff can handle the excavating stage of your job from start to finish, leaving you with a foundation you can work with!

Commercial and Industrial Strip Outs

Is your business just moving out, or moving in? At A1 Demo, we can manage everything behind stripping out everything from the old fit-out, leaving your premises ready to move on to it’s next stage.

Full Demolition

At A1 Demolitions, we have all of the tools and man power to completely demolish existing structures. No building is too big or too small! We can handle the entire job including disposal of all waste, allowing you to move forward with the next stage of development.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a dangerous substance as we all know, all of our A1 Demo staff are well trained in the safe and effective removal of asbestos substances. By the time we’re done, your job site will be asbestos free and safe for anyone to work in.


At A1 Demo, we have the tools and the man power to clear up any job site pestered by large rocks or boulders. Our team can come in, break down any rock or boulder and then arrange for a quick removal of the smaller debris, allowing you to move forward with your job.

Earth Moving

Our rock sawing is an effective non-vibrating option for trenching, wall sawing, wall or floor grinding and rock detailing. Of course, these options ensure a quality operation and integrity to your walls that prevent moisture from creeping in and ruining your investment. Quality rock sawing and grinding is something we do to a high standard and we service all sites in Sydney.