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Before we start any works, we ensure that site has been isolated, barricaded or fenced off, and all services has been disconnected or capped off, and no asbestos presence within the work boundary. Our excavation services includes

Environmental Control

We ensure that all environmental control already set up such as sediment control fence  around the site, around drainage pit, control around vehicle entry and exit before we start earthworks.  Preparation are taken in case of rain and thereafter ponding.

Bulk Earth works

Excavation is usually undertaken in good weather condition.  A survey is engaged to identify Bulk Excavation Level and excavate according to the right bench level. Depending on the scope of works whether for cut to fill or fill or digging for basement and according the Geotechnical report, materials to be excavated like clay, sand, rocks or shale,  we chose the right tools and plants for the work. In case, we need to transport materials, we require a report of material classification in order to be disposed to licensed facility. However, our team is skilled enough to complete the work in time and budget with respect to the above.

Detail Excavation

Detail excavation includes  trenching or digging for  pad footings, strip footing, OSD tank, lift pits  etc.  Choosing the right tools is  critical for excavation on whether to clay or sandstone.

Site Preparation

We are equipped enough for preparation of the ground after the excavation works.  Preparation of the ground should be done properly to put structure onto it. 

Safe Working Methods

During our works, we maintain safe work methods in our works. Before our works, we prepare a site specific safe works methods to control risk associated with the works. Our methodology ensures to minimize or complete control of high risks works such as water near trench and working near mobile plants etc. Safe working methods is been prepared in consultation with experienced site supervisors and worksite safety officers, this is been reviewed and accepted by occupational health, environmental safety officers before actual work commence on site.

Protecting Environment

We transport all materials in safe manner and dispose in a license facility as well as controlling dust on site use of water. All records are kept for identify and locating all disposed waste. We keep records of all our disposal to license facilities to be submitted to clients.

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Call 02 9651 5686 or 0418 669 445, or Email at info@a1demo.com.au, or fill out the Contact form  for a  free quote.

Cost of Excavation works

Cost of excavation works is very difficult to estimate. Factors that affects the amount are location of site, classification and quantity of material, labour, plants, safe working methods, type of access road to site for trucks, extent of construction area for loading and unloading, disposal fees, cost of insurance, council fees and Government charges.  We are experienced in getting all those above on to countable dollars and hence estimating the cost of works.