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Demolition Contractor

We are working as demolition contractor for more than 20 years. we have necessary plants, equipment and tools to provide services in

  • Building demolition
  • Warehouse demolition
  • House demolitions
  • Pool removal
  • Tank Removal etc.

Building Demolition

We are demolition contractor based in Sydney and we are expert in structural demolition works. After detail site inspection, we prepare safe working methods for the demolition works. We planned for necessary plants, equipment, tools to complete the demolition works in a safe manner.

Concrete demolition

We provide concrete demolition services in Sydney. After site inspection and investing the thickness of the concrete slab,  we select the right tool for removing concrete.

Building Demolition Methods

All structural demolition works to be done in a safe manner and mostly done in a reverse order of construction of a building.  This demolition method also involves recycling of the building materials. Before any structural demolition, we usually make a soft strip out of ceiling linings, floor coverings or wall lining etc.  We prepare the job site is secured for any pedestrian movement, prepare soil and erosion control measures and make protection of neighboring building s. We maintain a worksite management measures in order for protection of working plants and working individuals.  During building demolition, we maintain noise and dust control measures for protecting the site environment. .

Building Demolition Costs

We can provide cost for demolition works  in Sydney areas. In order to understand the scope of work we inspect every job and review in detail and prepare  associate cost.  You can contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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Carlton United Beverges in Campbelltown

Scope of work was to demolish and remove more than 20 steel tanks including footings in the warehouse. Access was very limited for big machine and space inside the warehouse was very limited for machine to work properly. However, we have completed the work successfully. 

Our client was AGITO Construction.


Clifford St Mosman

Scope of work was to demolish a brick house and remove demolished materials via laneway. However, we have completed the work successfully. 

Our client was TQM Construction.


Killara Public School

Scope of work was to demolish a brick building and old game court in a short during of school holidays.. However, we have completed the work successfully. 

Our client was Stephen Edwards Construction.

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